When god created teachers

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God Created The Teacher

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Paul Harvey" And on the 9th day, God looked down at His paradise and caretakers and said, "To have a just world you will Dublin Educators' Association Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions. And God smiled, for when he looked at the TEACHER, he saw into the future.

He knew that the future is in the hands of the TEACHERS. And because God loves Teachers so much, on the 9th day God created. And God Created the First Teacher On the sixth day, God created man. On the seventh day He rested, not so much to recuperate from the previous six days of work, but rather to prepared Himself for the work He was going to do on the next day.

Respect Is Owed to All God Created Since God created everything and pronounced everything good, we owe respect to what He made.

{Free Printable} Simple Teacher Gift – Why God Made Teachers Poem

This is a big difference in teaching respect and teaching Christian respect. Why God created teachers Humorous Survival Kits for Teachers Take this opportunity to acknowledge that SPECIALTEACHER that made a difference in your child's life.

Slide 2: When God created teachers, He gave us special friends To help us understand His world And truly comprehend The beauty and the wonder Of everything we see, And become a .

When god created teachers
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