Teachers module sa buod ng ibong mandaragit

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PREPARATION GUIDE SUPPLEMENT Bilingual Education Assessment Tagalog (051)

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A teacher's guide & an essay on the history & culture of the Philippines may be purchased separately. Also, bilingual audiocassettes with dramatic readings of each story accompanied by music by the Filipino American group Mahal playing traditional instruments from the islands.

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Lalaki sa Dilim (A Man in the Dark) tells the story of Rafael an eye specialist who one day had a drink too much that he was not able to control his libido when he saw a beautiful y/o girl. The girl was Ligaya and she was sleeping alone inside her family's shanty.

Because Rafael was drunk, he used his left hand to cover the girl's mouth while the other hand unzipped his zipper and 4/5. Grade 7; Filipino — Ibong Adarna: Isang Obra Maestra ; All SPED Madrasah IP Education.

Ibong Adarna

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Teachers module sa buod ng ibong mandaragit
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