How to write a storyline

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Ten Secrets To Write Better Stories

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Writing a Storyline, An Alternative to the Mission Statement

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10 Ways to Start Your Story Better

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A narrative or story is a report of connected events, real or imaginary, presented in a sequence of written or spoken words, or still or moving images, or both.

The word derives from the Latin verb narrare, "to tell", which is derived from the adjective gnarus, "knowing" or "skilled". Narrative can be organized in a number of thematic or formal categories: non-fiction (such as definitively.

A plot device is a means of advancing the plot in a story. It is often used to motivate characters, create urgency, or resolve a difficulty. This can be contrasted with moving a story forward with dramatic technique; that is, by making things happen because characters take action for well-developed reasons.

How to write a storyline
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