How to write a news about election in venezuela

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Nearly Half of Venezuelans Expected to Vote for Maduro in Election – Poll

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UN court asked to probe Venezuela; leader defiant in speech

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Corker, chairman of the Senate Luxury Relations Committee, traveled to Sound this week, meeting with President Nicolas Ninth, and flew back with Poor, who had traveled to Venezuela in to how the woman he met online before his lunchtime and imprisonment. Venezuela’s election was a sham ­– neither free nor fair.

The illegitimate result of this fake process is a further blow to the proud democratic tradition of Venezuela. Nov 20,  · Get the news. Share This Story! Maduro is attacking the country's producers and businesses to boost his United Socialist Party of Venezuela for local elections Dec.

8. The U.S.

Venezuela congress swears in barred opposition MPs

government sanctioned more than a dozen senior Venezuelan officials on Wednesday, just four days before the nation is set to elect a constituent assembly to rewrite its constitution.

May 12,  · Home Venezuela News Nearly Half of Venezuelans Expected to Vote for Maduro in Election – Venezuela News Nearly Half of Venezuelans Expected to Vote for Maduro in Election – Poll. Jul 28,  · The United Nations has voiced concern about the risk of further violence in Venezuela as a vote to begin rewriting the constitution looms.

It comes as the number of people killed in the anti. "Good news about the release of the American hostage from Venezuela.

Should be landing in D.C. this evening and be in the White House, with his family, at about P.M," the president wrote on.

Venezuela says diplomats may be tied to assassination try How to write a news about election in venezuela
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Venezuela says diplomats may be tied to assassination try - Breaking News