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The Historian Ibn Khaldun

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Ibn Khaldun

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Ibn Khaldun

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Ibn Khaldun. Ibn Khaldun.

Ibn Khaldun

Name: Institution: Ibn Khaldun. Introduction. In the muslin history, Ibn Khaldun made his name as one of the main historians and social philosopher widely celebrated up.

Ibn Khaldun managed to have an inner and concentrated look on politics once Ibn Tafrakin, by then the leader of Tunis invited him to be his trusted captive organizer and the seal bearer. In the process of executing his mandate, he was able to learn the weaknesses on the ruling government and the voids that were never exploited.

Abd al-Rahman ibn Khaldun, the well known historian and thinker from Muslim 14th-century North Africa, is considered a forerunner of original theories in social sciences and philosophy of history, as well as the author of original views in economics, prefiguring modern contributions.

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Essay about ibn khaldun
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